Officer Candidate School
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OCS Class 55

The mission of the Oklahoma National Guard OCS Program is to qualify soldiers for appointment as Second Lieutenants - individuals with the professional knowledge, character, motivation and capabilities for leadership to function as Army officers. The kind of training you get at Officer Candidate School can't be bought. You have to earn it. It takes hard work, commitment and drive. But when all is said and done, you'll have an education that's worth its weight in gold.

You'll learn to reason, make decisions for yourself, then command with the self-confidence and assurance of an officer. Leadership means more than issuing orders. It takes a special person with special abilities, one who is charged with inspiring trust and confidence so others will follow you under any circumstances. Besides the pride you'll feel and the respect you'll gain, becoming an officer has many tangible benefits, too. OCS graduates are commissioned as second lieutenants with a state and federally recognized commission, valid in any state or on active duty.

Your educational opportunities are greatly expanded, too. In addition to branch training, as an officer you also may be eligible for specialized training including ranger, air assault, and flight school. Additionally, the advancements you make in the Guard can help make you a success in your civilian life. As a Guard officer, you've proven yourself to be responsible, reliable, ambitious and self-confident; traits that future employers look for in management candidates. Officer Candidate School allows you to be in charge, making you responsible and accountable. No more wondering what you're going to do at weekend drill, here every minute is utilized. You'll go home satisfied that you have accomplished something that only a few men and women have aspired to do, graduate from Oklahoma's own Officer Candidate School.

For more information on the Oklahoma National Guard Officer Candidate School, contact the OCS Recruiter at (405) 406-3291.