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Hunter Information Oklahoma Wildlife Commission

The primary mission of CGJMTC is to conduct military training and other related military activities requiring the use of all land controlled by the Commander of CGMTC. Mission requirements will take precedence over all other activities. The hunting and fishing programs are a privilege that is extended to qualified hunters/fishermen by the CGJMTC Commander for wildlife management purposes. The harvest of fish and wildlife resources are permitted subject to the availability of areas open to the public as determined by the CGJMTC Commander or his designated representative, based on CGMTC training requirements.

By agreement with the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife and Conservation, portions of Camp Gruber have been designated for public wildlife activities during specific time periods and when not utilized for military operations. Training Areas available for military operations are reduced during the following specific dates:
(1) The nine-day primitive deer gun season, beginning in October.
(2) The nine-day deer gun season, beginning in November.
(3) The last twenty-one days of December (11-31 Dec) for all wildlife activities.
(4) The nine-day spring turkey hunt beginning the second Saturday of April.
   b. Military operations are not allowed in Training Areas that are open for wildlife activities.
   c. All other wildlife activities throughout the year will be based on area availability.
   d. Specific requirements, to include access and area locations are listed in CG Regulation 200-3, Wildlife Management.

The CGJMTC Commander retains sole authority in accepting and terminating individuals participating in the
programs or canceling the programs based of mission requirements of the CGJMTC. The CGJMTC Commander, in accordance with appropriate Department of Army regulations and federal or state laws, manages all authorized activities on CGMTC. Restrictions are established to promote safety, security, protection of property, preservation/conservation of wildlife resources and efficient accomplishment of the CGJMTC’s missions. The authority to hunt, trap, or fish is contained in the possession of a valid state license and a CGJMTC access permit and limited to the available areas in accordance with CGJMTC procedures. Hunting, fishing, and trapping activities on the CGJMTC will be by access permit only and will be governed by this regulation. Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation Game Warden(s) has legal jurisdiction on CGJMTC. Any person who violates any applicable federal or state laws or regulations is subject to apprehension and/or detainment by Military Police, Oklahoma Military Department (OMD) Police, and ODWC game warden(s). Violations may result in suspension/revocation of access privileges to CGJMTC.

Contact Camp Gruber Range Control
Mr. Jeffery Howard
Camp Gruber Training Site - OKCG-FE-ENV
PO Box 29
Braggs, OK 74423
(918) 549-6223
    Mr. Rusty Dause
Camp Gruber Training Site - CGJMTC-H
PO Box 29
Braggs, OK 74423
(918) 549-6286

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