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The Oklahoma National Guard has pioneered a program in hopes of changing how Soldiers and Airmen are reintegrated back to their communities. Called Beyond the Yellow Ribbon, the program is named as a reminder that the support of Soldiers cannot end when they return from deployment and the yellow ribbons are untied. Please register at to get started with the Reintegration process, if you have difficulty please use our reference sheet as a handy guide.
Reintegration Programs

Family Reintegration Academy
The Oklahoma National Guard is conducting Family Reintegration Academies to prepare family members for the homecoming of their Soldiers, and to inform them on what they can do to make this transition as easy as possible. The academy has been established to increase the family member’s knowledge of the reintegration process, and to provide resources to them as they go through the steps of reintegration.

Monthly Individual Reintegration Training (MIRT)
MIRT is a 1 day reintegration training event for an individual REFRAD and MED-HOLD Soldiers. This training provides an opportunity to learn, ask questions and dialog about the challenges of reintegration and understand what resources are available.

Initial Reintegration Training
Connect Soldiers to service providers who can assist them in overcoming the challenges of reintegration through briefings and a workshop format AND -Enroll every Soldier in the Veterans Administration (1010EZ) -Inform Soldier of their Veterans Benefits -Provide Soldiers with TAG’s “10 Commandments of Reintegration” wallet card.

Training Event -30 Days after Return
Reconnect Soldiers and families with service providers through workshops and round-robin stations. Allows for more personal contact with service providers. The event includes: - Relationship workshops for married couples and single Soldiers - A parenting workshop - Access to service providers to explain all the benefits available to combat veterans - A Job Fair with access to 100 employers looking to hire!

Training Event - 60 Days after Return
This is a unit-focused event that includes the Post Deployment Health Re-Assessment (PDHRA) and Tuberculosis (TB) tine testing. The event includes: - Anger Management - Gambling Abuse - Substance Abuse The OK State Patrol will provide a drivers safety briefing and explain any laws that have changed in Oklahoma.

Training Event - 90 Days after Return
Conduct a thorough Post Deployment Health Re-assessment (PDHRA) of combat veterans. Community Reintegration Training Educate community leaders about challenges of reintegration, and what they can do to assist combat veterans and their families successfully reintegrate back into the community. For more information on CRT contact Chaplain.

STRONG BONDS Marriage Enrichment Workshop
It is a free, educational and practical application opportunity to learn what works in marriage (and what makes marriage work). This is NOT group therapy. Please visit for upcoming workshop dates and locations.

Single Service Member Retreat
Mission for the weekend: To give Soldiers that have deployed in support of GWOT a fun and educational weekend.

Contact Information
For more information about Oklahoma National Guard Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program and the ongoing Yellow Ribbon events you can go to or call our Reintegration hotline at 1-866-649-6031.

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